We want you to be able to exercise without worrying about the kids!

Bring your children to the gym and let them see first-hand the importance of a healthy lifestyle. We have an experienced and amiable staff to provide childcare on site.

Babysitting Hours

MORNING (AM):  Monday - Friday: 9 – 1 PM

  • Please use the following reservation process
    • Please call ahead to make a reservation for your child/children. You may do so 24 hrs in advance. 
    • Please call to cancel if you cannot make your reservation.
    • Our sitters will be calling by 8 am to see if there are any reservations. 
    • If there are no reservations, the child care will be closed. 
    • Also, the sitters will close the room if the room is empty and there are no further reservations for that day.
  • Please call and reserve a spot for babysitting in advance

  • There are two ways to reserve a spot
    • There is a sign up sheet located at the front desk or you can call in to the front desk (924-9010)
    • You may sign up one day in advance. 
    • Advance sign up is important for babysitting

  • If there are no advance sign ups, the babysitting service will not be available


At Performance Health & Fitness we use a childcare reservation system that ensures everyone equal access to our services. There are ten spots available for one hour a piece, although if they are not all filled you have the option to extend your workout.

Reservations may be made the same day or as early as the day before.

Fees and Guidelines

The charge for this service is $5.00 per child, per hour. Please pay at the front desk when you sign in, and you will be given a pass to hand the childcare attendant. If you reserve a childcare spot and cannot make it, please call and cancel as soon as possible.

  • Children must be between the ages of 6 weeks and 12 years old
  • No Sick Children
  • No Food or Personal Toys
  • Children are not permitted on the equipment or in the weight room
  • Please take children to the restroom before drop-off
  • Children over the age of 3 are not permitted in opposite sex locker rooms

Parents must sign a bathroom waiver that allows the sitter to take your child to the restroom; if you are in the process of potty training your child, please dress them appropriately

Performance Health & Fitness staff is not responsible for changing diapers; we will come get you in the event your child will need to be changed

If school is delayed or canceled, the childcare center may be closed for the day. PLEASE CALL FIRST… (603) 924-9010