We are an integrated fitness facility designed to help you maximize your time and effort.  Our facility offers a wide variety of cardio machines, a large co-ed weight training area as well as a women-only training area, a group cycling studio, an expansive aerobics studio, a cross training room, and locker room facilities complete with showers and a sauna.

We offer personal training, an extensive aerobics class schedule, body assessments, specialty fitness classes and programs, and physical therapy services on site.

Our pro-shop carries top-of-the-line fitness drinks and supplements to help you work out hard and recover faster. We also carry fitness apparel to help you look your best!

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New Hours Coming Soon!!

Yes, Performance is expanding hours! Over the next few weeks, we will be installing a new swipe card entry system that will allow members much more access to the gym throughout the day. To start with, those hours will be 4:30am to 10pm Monday through Friday and 7am to 5pm on Saturday. The front desk will still be manned as it is now (Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 5:30am to 7:30 am, Monday through Friday from 12 noon to 2pm, and Monday through Thursday from 4pm to 8pm) for member services. The manned hours will likely be modified as we better understand the need.

The new system will have a barcode reader at the front entrance and every member will need to swipe their scan tag to open the front door. Even if someone is holding the door for you, you must swipe your scan tag. Holding the door for a non-member will not be tolerated. Exiting will be done through a push bar system typical of many storefront exits. Please check with us over the next couple of weeks to make sure your scan tag is one of the ‘offset rectangle’ shape and in good condition.

Please be sure that every member swipes their card through the system so we can capture your visit, know who is in the facility especially for potential emergency situations, to know when our busy times are, and to be sure all members are up to date with memberships. Know that this process will be monitored by video surveillance and abuse of the system will not be tolerated.

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